Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Instagram/ Body Types Rant

I love the social media app Instagram but there are honestly so many accounts on there that are really toxic and unhealthy for the general public.

A couple of days ago there were two Saudi Arabian men who ran over a dog repeatedly with a 4x4 vehicle and the poor animal died in great pain. The videos were posted on Instagram, which is a social media site primarily for sharing pictures and short videos.
(you can view an article about it here)

Word quickly spread round about the horrific videos and people were appealing to their friends and followers to help report the offending videos. It took a few days to get the videos down and the account deleted from Instagram however- and I'm surprised why it wasn't done sooner.

I had this nasty run-in with a girl on Instagram who promoted anorexia on her account- she was going around to a good number of accounts and made mean comments about the users' appearance (one of them happened to be my friend)

I think more people need to realise that body types are all different and skinny ≠ healthy
For some body types/ races/ cultures you will never reach the coveted size 0 and THAT IS TOTALLY OK.

Models are picked to wear things well and some are totally skin and bones- that's not healthy.

Maybe I'm not the best example to use to champion this issue since I'm a size 0 and UK 4-6 but before you say I'm a stick, remember Asians have smaller builds and I am 157cm/ 5'1" which is pretty short.

Don't fat/skinny shame anyone and just be comfortable in your own skin.

If you exercise regularly or lead a healthy lifestyle I don't see why you should change to conform society's idea of beauty, or starve yourself to make the clothes fit you.

Clothes should be made for you, NOT the other way 'round.

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