Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween (Musings)

Halloween is coming up and I feel a little conflicted about it.

I'm really, really excited because Halloween is not a big deal in Singapore- just theme parks having more scary decorations (which I would avoid, in any case, since I am a huge scaredy-cat) and of course no one does trick-or-treating.

Yes yes, here I am, a year shy of being in my twenties (good god!) and I have never been trick-or-treating.

I can't wait to run about and knock on doors and get candy- embrace my inner child and dress up (I'm going as Alice in Alice in Wonderland, by the way) and count how many sweets I've got and get sick from eating too much candy and thoroughly regret it the next day.

My student rep training is very conveniently (read: unluckily) scheduled for 10am the day after Halloween, on a Saturday- and obviously no one wants that slot because the Wednesday slot is fully booked and I didn't book it fast enough. UGHHH.

Still, I'm looking forward to seeing my housemates all dressed up and the halloween parties that have been planned amongst the houses. I hope the decorations are good.

Tesco has been selling pumpkins really cheaply as well, so I will make my virgin attempt at pumpkin carving.

I sure hope I don't stab anyone by accident in the process.


It was my birthday today and my housemates tried to make me a cake, then failed terribly at it and ended up buying me one from Tesco. I honestly believed they made the cake until they confessed to me before I went to bed.

It was still really sweet of them though.

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