Monday, March 30, 2015

Is that a pick-up line or am I just being paranoid

I happened to discuss pick-up lines with my friend over Skype yesterday and I told her how much more forward the guys in the UK tended to be.

"They are more confident, really, it is very flattering when someone comes up and speaks to you in a club and asks you to dance," I told her.

She guffawed, because in Singapore, most of the guys tend to edge towards unsuspecting girls and grind against them discreetly (at least, that's what I've heard- I've never been to a club prior to coming to Manchester).

In fact, I've not had much experience in the whole dating business. I've been dating my first and current boyfriend for nearly five years now, and it was a 'friends to lovers' progression so I have no idea how courtship works.

I have, however, been subject to attempts but let me just say I'm the absolute worst candidate to use a pick-up line on.

I either:
a) Don't understand the pick-up line or
b) Stare at the offending culprit like he sprouted horns or something because I don't understand why he would want to hit on me in the first place

I don't think any girl will date someone based on how good the pick-up line is- I think it's merely a way to break the ice.

Probably a way for the girl to be suitably amused (by how cheesy the line is).

Many of the pick-up lines I hear are also sadly overused, and my friend and I already found the exact same lines just by comparing our experiences.

Case in point:

Last year, I was working part-time at a high-end oil, liqueur and vinegar store.

I was trying to sell liqueur to this guy who was looking for a gift for his friend and we ended up chatting about studies in general (he was a few years older than me, in his first year of university).

Suddenly he spouts the line
"Wow, you're amazing, I think heaven's missing an angel"
...or something along those lines.

Me: "Uh... What?"
Him: "You're an angel. I mean, you're the angel."
Me: "I'm no angel..?"

I think he took it as a come-on and his body language got more forward and intrusive. I then realised it was a pick up line (albeit executed poorly) and quickly edged away and busied myself with processing his order and packaging it.

In the end I cut the conversation short and sent him away by telling him to visit the store again if he really wants to- I wasn't comfortable giving him contact details (and hopefully he'll upp the sales).

Bless him, it must have been hard mustering up the courage to say not one, not two, but THREE cheesy angel-themed pick-up lines.

He really needs to work on a greater variety though, or find targets that aren't quite as oblivious.

My friend studies at a private school so she is much more used to dealing with situations like this and often cuts them off with the experience of a veteran, with sharp wit or deflects the conversation quickly.

I only wish I had half her cool-headedness.

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