About Me

I'm Eve, from the little sunny island of Singapore (click the link if you have no idea where that is). 

I love reading and writing, so I took up the Journalism and English course at the University of Salford. I actually love Shakespeare a lot more than 18th Century novels, but I'll cope. I hope to be a feature writer for a magazine next time, and write books/ poems on the side. I dabble in photography and draw a little, but I'm a lot better at calligraphy (I post them on my Instagram account sometimes).
Honestly, my hobby is collecting hobbies- I have too many to count! I love collecting and using cute stationery, and my current obsession is craft stamps- especially the handmade rubber ones. I've spent over $150 SGD on them already T_T but it's worth it, really (that's what I tell myself everytime)

I tend to ramble a lot and get carried away, so I often digress (which you will find in my posts).
Hope my posts won't be too boring to read, or I will have failed as a (future) writer!

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