Thursday, November 20, 2014


So, my bumbling phone finally died on me a few days ago.

I was expecting it, really- I would use it at every waking moment aside from instances where I'm at class/ doing work/ or on my laptop. Even while I was not using it actively, I'd usually leave the screen on and forget about it, or take the time to download some ebooks.

I feel handicapped without my mobile phone.

I went grocery shopping with my cousin, but there was a miscommunication with the meetup location and I had to run back to my dorm to get on Facebook and contact him.

Me   : WHERE ARE YOU??!!
Him : I'm at the train station?!
         Didn't we say we should meet there?
         Where are you?
Me  : I'm in my room, my phone has died.
        See you in a minute

You can imagine my immense relief after I finally met him (after running about for 30min trying to find each other)

I complained to my parents over Skype and they were most unsympathetic.

"How do you think we met up before we had mobile phones, huh?"

... ummm... pagers?

I applaud people in the past for being able to magically find their significant other, after months years of not being able to see each other and only communicating by letters. I'd like to think that post was not as reliable back then, too, and what if the other party never got your message?

You'd be standing at the meeting spot, desolate, that's what it would be.

*cue dramatic music and a thunderstorm over my head*

Speaking of unreliable post, Royal Mail managed to lose my REGISTERED mail. Good lord. My mum paid 20 pounds to ship it all the way here and it never reached me.

I really appreciate SingPost's (Singapore Post) efficiency and cheap prices. I would often send parcels to the UK to my friend in London for the equivalent of 50p to 1 pound.

My mum tells me they've recently upped their prices, though.

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